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Michael D Heiderscheid Construction, Inc

Testimonials Policy

Effective 2019-01-01

Your Testimonial
If you're not sure what to say, here's a few ideas (just talk as if you were talking with your friends). These are just ideas; we want you to say what you want and say it in your own words.

You can talk about what services you used with us, and why you wanted to use our services. Did you have any concerns before using our services? Did those concerns come true? What happened instead? What surprised you or made you the happiest about what our services you used? Were the services everything you wished and expected them to be? Were they more? If you were to recommend us to your friends, what would you say? Would you recommend our services? Why?

By submitting your Testimonial, you give consent to Michael D Heiderscheid Construction, Inc to use your Testimonial in any and all advertising, such as our website, online advertising, videos, and any other advertising medium deemed appropriate by Michael D Heiderscheid Construction, Inc. If you wish your Testimonial to be used only for our website, please let us know.

We may edit your Testimonial for grammar and spelling and publish edited or partial versions of your Testimonial. However, we will never edit your Testimonial in such a way as to create a misleading impression of your views. In your Testimonial, we will only use your name and your state.  Please provide a photo if possible.


Testimonial/Endorsements/Success Stories
No Claim of Typical Result. Your Results May Differ. The results described on the Testimonials page, and (if) elsewhere on this site, are the individual experiences and personal opinions of those who have used our services. Michael D Heiderscheid Construction, Inc does not claim these stories, opinions, and results described to represent the typical result that someone who uses our services can generally expect to achieve. Your results may differ greatly, and no claims, promises, or guarantees are being made or implied about the average, typical, or expected results of our services or by following any other information on our site.

The Testimonials displayed, which are received in text, audio, and video format (and in some cases, transcribed and shown in written form), are shown verbatim (except for some corrections of spelling/grammatical errors) and in their full length on the ‘Testimonials’ page. However, some of the Testimonials appearing (if) elsewhere on our site have been shortened for the sake of brevity (nothing is added). In such case, the entire message delivered by the Testimonial writer is not shown (although in some cases a link to the full version on the ‘Testimonials’ page will be available underneath the Testimonial.

Sole Opinions
All Testimonials/Endorsements/Reviews/Success Stories are the sole opinions, findings, or experiences of our Customers. We do not 'suggest' or 'coach' the wording of them. Also, we do not pay for Testimonials, Endorsements, Reviews, or Success Stories.

Questions or Comments
If you have questions or comments about our Testimonials Policy, please contact us

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